I’m looking for people to be pen pals with. Instead of introducing ourselves by words, I want to do it by drawings. It doesn’t need to be perfect drawings at all. It doesn’t need to be all drawings as well, to be honest.

Talk about yourself in the third party or describe yourself if you were a cat or a dog or another gender. Be creative!

At the end of each of our messages, there’ll be a challenge for each of us. For example, draw yourself with an eyepatch eating your favorite food on top of a building. Something random and crazy. Or even just, go for a walk and draw the most interesting person you saw.

I’m from the Philippines and would love to write to new people. Oh, fandom drawings are great too! Introduce me to your interests or make me guess. I want to have fun via postage. You can contact me here. :)



"Frederator loves you!" wrote David Karp in the very first Channel Frederator episode in November 2005, and we’ve been saying it ever since. So, I thought it would be a nice theme for a new postcards series that will be alternating with our premieres.
As to the card itself, while Pen Ward was never our most prolific blogger he used his original Adventure Time blog a lot like he started using twitter way back when. He’s always been a heavy web comic writer, so he gave a taste of what was to come with Finn and Jake in May of 2007, when AT was accepted into (and eventually won) the first Platform Animation Festival. 
From the postcard back: Congratulations! You are one of 200 people to receive this limited edition Frederator postcard! www.frederator.com
Adventure Time web comic Created by Pendleton Ward From Frederator’s The Adventure Time Blog May 2, 2007 Series 22.1 [mailed out July 3, 2013]

Reminding people that I’m sending out old flowery postcards! All you have to do is send me your mailing information and tell me whether you’d rather have a simple drawing or some quote at the back.
You may send it right here.
Also, no worries, I’ll keep your info hidden!

Postcards by Paper and Cloth