Hey there!

This blog is dedicated to all my snail mail activities. Posts revolve around my pen pals, stationery, stickers, envelopes, postcards, stamps, gifts and snail mail of course.

Oh yeah.

I’m Ani, 18. I like making weird faces.

I got into snail mail because I think snail mails are quite lovely and romantic. It’s like Christmas whenever I see letters or postcards inside my cold metal mailbox. I like getting to know other people’s culture, food, and what their city looks like. I also want to learn French, Japanese or Korean.

I have tons of interests. I like video games, art, novels, music, movies, markers, food, cartoons, anime, manga, my guitar, piercings and tattoos, etc. 

I listen to a variety of music. From Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin, the Libertines, Rolling Stones, the Strokes, the Maine, Kate Nash to Big Time Rush and other Nickelodeon and Disney stars to Bump of Chicken and SCANDAL to Big Bang, Block B, 2NE1, Beast, Miss A, etc.

When I don’t have ready-to-use stationery and envelopes, I design my own envelopes and stationery. I also like sending cute little drawings with my letters.

I currently have three regular pen pals from the past year. They’re from Australia, North Carolina, and Scotland. But with some serious searching skills (haha) I’ve found more pen pals. A girl from Korea contacted me which was just extremely delightful. And she’s absolutely adorable. Plus two more Americans. And another one. How many is that?

But I do enjoy getting new ones so if you want one, my askbox is always ready to receive you. :)